Druidry for Personal and Planetary Healing

April 11, 2020 @ 10:00AM — 5:00PM

A full day magickal immersion with Fearn Lickfield and Kari Hetrick of the Green Mountain School of Druidry

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Ticket Details
Saturday Workshop Sliding Scale - $75
Available For 12 More Days!

Saturday workshop including lunch

Saturday Workshop Sliding Scale - $85
Available For 12 More Days!

Saturday workshop including lunch

Saturday Workshop Sliding Scale - $100
Available For 12 More Days!

Saturday workshop including lunch


Introduction to Druidry: A Path of Personal and Planetary Healing
Saturday, April 11 | 10am - 5pm
Tickets Sliding Scale $75 - $100* lunch included
Led by Fearn Lickfield & Kari Hetrick

In this time of deep unrest and environmental crisis, we must dig deep to re-member our roots, our gifts, and find the courage and support to restore our relationship with Nature. Join us in sacred space and take a journey into the grove of the Druids to discover the power of AWEN- the divine Spirit of Inspiration. We will connect with our innate gifts, our wise hearts and our awesome power to transform. When we come together in circle we know we are not alone. The Earth is infinitely wise and we are part of the great Web of Life. Together we can heal.

We will introduce you to sacred Druid practices, ceremony and rituals including guided meditation, journey work, transformative rhythm and movement, sharing circle, song, story and a sacred labyrinth walk.

Connect, open, release, invoke, inspire, empower, transform!

Lunch will be provided. Some scholarship available by application.

Saturday Schedule:
10am - Gather and Open Welcome, logistics, introductions Invocation, song, guided meditation
11am - Intro to Druidry, here and now.
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Sharing Circle- Opening our Hearts to the Earth Rhythm and release thru movement and sound.
2pm - Journey to the Druid's Grove to find your AWEN
3pm- Co-creating a new story
3:30pm - Labyrinth Ceremony
4:30pm - Check out & committing to Earth.
4:50pm - Closing circle

About Fearn Lickfield
Fearn Lickfield is web weaver and remembrance facilitator, guiding people back into the Heart of Nature. She is director of The Green Mountain Druid School and Chief of the Green Mountain Druid Order. She walks as spiritual educator and guide, certified flower essence practitioner, geomancer, faery seer, dowser, ecstatic dance leader, community organizer, gardener and medicine maker. Being a lover of magic and ritual, she creates and leads community celebrations in honor of the earth and waters, the seasons and for rites of passage. Fearn is steward of Dreamland, a sanctuary and mystery school in Worcester VT. www.greenmountaindruidorder.org

About Kari Hetrick

Kari Hetrick also known as Auntie Bear of Heartfire Clan. As far back as I can remember, I have had a special connection to nature and spirit. Over the years have studied with many teachers on different paths finding truth in all of them. As a Druid, I have gained the tools to weave it all together, to deepen my connection with all beings including myself, and allow my magical child to be joyfully authentic through laughter, song and play.